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How it all gets done

Vineyards Vineyards


We can't stress  enough about how important the vineyards are to the process. We search for gems with their own unique terroir with lots of heat units, resulting in uber ripe grapes.

The Process


We start with the best grapes we can obtain, then gently foot stomp, or gently destem the grapes into open top fermenters. We let nature take its course and naturally ferment the grapes, then press the liquid away and put to sleep in oak barrels.



Are you impatient? I am, and when I arrive to pick up these bins I can hardly wait to taste what God has blessed us with in this growing season. The forces of nature are bridaled at best by the talented vineyard managers, but in the end every year is a magical growing season.



Each and every season seems to amaze me as vineyards grow. Their beauty is something to behold, where a single week of sun hitting that particular row or block of grapes will never be the same, nor will the wine you make from them ever be the same. A wine is fleeting If you love it buy it because it’s gone forever.

Latest upcoming gigs


Kathy is searching for all the special events to pour Furion Cellars wines, please re-visit this section for the latest locations and major holiday events.



All art, whether it be labels, or invites or winery wall art, is available for purchase and we will special print it just for you on museum quality rag paper and of course signed... Best note I ever received from my son.